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Faith voiced for healthy growth rate
China can continue with its sound growth momentum in 2018 by boosting investment and facilitating reform and opening-up during the second half of this year, the nation's top economic regulator said.
China refutes US accusations of violating WTO rules
China on Tuesday refuted U.S. accusations that it has violated WTO rules, saying it would continue to abide by them, and calling on the United States to respect and obey WTO rules.
China welcomes US-Russia Summit
China hopes the two countries will strengthen communication and dialogue and expand their cooperation.
Trump’s trade bullying tactics will hurt the US
Though all economies will suffer from further escalation, it is the United States that will bear the brunt of the trade war’s huge cost.
Utter isolation: U.S.-initiated trade war slammed worldwide
Launching the largest trade war in economic history , the U.S. has drawn a barrage of criticism from media outlets and cyber communities worldwide.
PLA drill in East China Sea ‘tailored for Taiwan separatists’
The East China Sea will be a main battlefield if war takes place in the future.
China’s most powerful ROV rolls off production line
The submersible is able to dive 3,000 meters under water and lift up to four tons.


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